Risk is pictures and numbers

  • 10,000 road deaths must happen every year in the sub-Sahara.

  • 8,000 of them must be fathers and breadwinners.

  • 1,800 of them must be mothers and cradles of family support.

  • 380 of them must be children and the future hope

We can stop it. why we exist

Tsaron Tech is an arbiter using algorithms to lower premiums for interstate transporters in order to impact road safety. Compact by design, we are a strict family of actuaries, software and hardware engineers, medical doctors and regulatory law past masters.

What we built

Cast provides the lowest-cost means for interstate transporters to buy group coverage for their passengers. On a daily basis, they use Cast to monitor active trips for trigger-ready troubleshooting, generate tickets for passengers and in the process access affordable group coverage for every trip.

How it works

how much does it cost


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